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Power Platform &

Pro-Code Application Innovation

Accelerate your digital transformation

Power Platform &

Pro-Code Application Innovation

Accelerate your digital transformation

Power Platform &

Pro-Code Application Innovation

Accelerate your digital transformation

The Power is in your hands

​Leverage the Microsoft Power Platform to accelerate your digital transformation activities and deliver value in days, not months. With the Microsoft Power Platform you can tackle a wide variety of productivity challenges, spanning from simple data input applications to global-scale, business-critical business applications.


Organisations embracing low code platforms can digitise legacy applications and processes much faster and at a lower price point compared to traditional pro code development. Harnessing the power of Citizen Developers translates to lower costs and faster time to value—all while reducing the demands on already strained IT teams.

Unlock capacity in your organisation and speed up time to value.

 The Microsoft Power Platform empowers both citizen developers and pro developers. Citizen developers are provided with a simple toolkit to create robust solutions with low-code, and even no-code. Experienced developers benefit by combining the velocity of low-code with layers of custom pro-code logic to develop applications faster than ever before.

Freedom within a framework.

​To balance organisational agility and security, your business will need to create guardrails that provide ‘freedom within a framework’. Increment can help you establish a Power Platform Centre of Excellence that will empower your citizen developers to build creative solutions to business problems, without putting your organisation at unnecessary risk.

A Powerful & Integrated Ecosystem

​Microsoft’s Power Platform combines key integrated products - Power BI, Power Apps, Power Pages, Power Automate, and Power Virtual Agents – to serve your business needs:

  • Power BI: Make informed decisions by putting data-driven insights into the hands of decision makers.

  • Power Apps: Turn ideas into solutions - build custom apps that solve your business challenges.

  • Power Pages: Quickly build low-code business websites for delivering information and services to your customers.

  • Power Automate: Improve business productivity by giving everyone the ability to automate organisational processes.

  • Power Virtual Agents: No coding required - build chatbots to engage conversationally with your customers and employees.

Moving beyond low-code

​Circumstances that call for unlimited flexibility and control may require you to evaluate pro-code solutions built on traditional full-stack frameworks such as .NET, or web frameworks such as React or Angular.


Your journey with Increment

​Increment offers of consulting and advisory services for organisations that want to get the most out of their investments in Microsoft cloud applications and beyond. We can help you leverage the latest low-code solutions using the Power Platform and Dynamics 365 technologies for solving business problems, maturing your current ways-of-working with these tools, as well as offer best practices and guidance on how to take ownership of your business application platform in the long term. Moving beyond low-code, we can provide custom application development and support services based on any business need.


Connect with us to talk about:

  • Build & Support Power Platform Use Cases

  • Modernising Legacy Applications

  • Power Factory (extension of your business dev capacity)

  • Pro-code custom solution development

  • Mentoring for Citizen Developers

  • Creating Fusion Teams

  • Governance & Automation

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